[IN PROGRESS, Medium] Buy ticket process issue

edited November 2020 in Bug Bounty

The severity level


- Prerequisite(s)B

Beingconnected with Metamask Wallet using the platform on mobile, Wallet containing 9975DotX

- Step(s) to reproduce (if apply)

Sometimes on metamask, I don't receive any pop up to confirm my transaction. Sometimes, I see the pop up but it disappears instantly, and I cannot confirm neither.

I have to close Metamask and try again several times.

- Actual result(s)

I could confirm my transaction after several attempts

- Expected result(s)

The confirmation pop up should be visible, otherwise I cannot buy my tickets

- Environment

Mobile Xiaomi Redmi note 8 Pro, MI UI 12 based on Android 10.


Metamask wallet

- Screenshots

I shared a video on the telegram group to show the bug.



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