Bug report Template

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Hello everyone,
Since this Monday, 9th November, 2020 the beta of DeFi of Thrones has been released !
By being a tester you are allowed to participate in the bug bounty program as explained here.
Here is a template you can reuse to report a bug :

- The severity level
The level of severity you estimated for this bug (based on what is described in the medium post). Once we have reviewed your bug, we will validate its relevance and the severity level in comment.
Example : minor bug

- Prerequisite(s)
Describe the context in which we must be in order to reproduce the bug, example :
Being connected with Coinbase Wallet using the platform on desktop, Wallet containing X test DoTx, ...

- Step(s) to reproduce (if apply)
Example : Click on buy tickets, enter an amount, don't select a house, click on buy button.

- Actual result(s)
The transaction is sent.

- Expected result(s)
The transaction should not be sent without a house selected.

- Environment
Example : Desktop, Android version 10.0, iOS version 13.

- Screenshots
Screenshots of the bug if you managed to take them.

If you have any questions, we can discuss on the Telegram channel dedicated to beta testing.

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